Affinity Psychology Services

Autism Assessment  €1550

  • This multidisciplinary assessment typically involves three stages and a post-assessment session (should the child/young person be identified as Autistic):

  1. Parent interview (this can be carried out remotely or in-person)
  2. Play-based assessment for younger children (this will occur in the clinic) OR conversation about experiences related to possible Autism for adolescents (this will occur in the clinic)
  3. Feedback session carried out with parents and adolescents if they wish to attend (this will be carried out remotely or in-person)
  4. Post-assessment support session with Thriving Autistic (should the child/young person be identified as Autistic)

  • A full report outlining the child’s profile of strengths and experiences in relation to the outcome of their assessment in line with the DSM-5 criteria (if relevant to the outcome) and detailed recommendations will be provided.
  • This report will be accepted by the HSE and Department of Education.
  • Should the child require a cognitive assessment as part of their overall assessment, the additional fee for this is €300. This will be discussed with parents in full during the initial stages of the assessment process.

Parent Consultation (Autism Assessment) €150

  • If parents are unsure if their child needs an autism assessment, we offer a parent consultation.
  • The fee for this consultation is €150 and this amount is taken off the price of the total assessment should parents decide to progress with a full assessment.

Parent Consultation (Advice Session) €250

  • Parents can meet with the psychologist to discuss any concerns, ask questions, and discuss possible supports that can be put in place for the child/young person (this can be carried out remotely or in-person).
  • This consultation includes a brief report which will be shared with parents after the appointment, including points discussed and recommendations.
  • Topics often include anxiety, sleep, toileting, school and learning, mood, etc.

Psychoeducational Assessment €750

  • This type of assessment involves evaluating a child’s learning, thinking, academic and adaptive skills (daily living skills), depending on the reason for referral.
  • The assessment includes exploration of the child’s developmental history, cognitive or thinking skills, academic assessment, and a detailed report.
  • A full report outlining the child’s learning profile and detailed recommendations will be provided.
  • This type of assessment may identify learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia or general learning difficulties.

Psychology Therapeutic Support €120

  • These are individual psychology therapeutic sessions for a child or adolescent.
  • Each session is approximately 50 minutes.
  • Ongoing support will help parents to monitor how their child is progressing along with support strategies for home, as appropriate.

Important Note:

The following is a list of concerns that we do not currently provide support for in our service:

  1. Diagnosis of ADHD/ADD (if your child has already been identified as ADHD/ADD, we do provide post diagnostic support as appropriate)
  2. Significant mood/mental health concerns, including post-traumatic stress, self-harm, or suicidal thoughts (please speak instead to your GP for review, an urgent referral to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and to discuss other options. If you are immediately concerned for your child’s safety present to your GP or A&E).
  3. Eating Disorders
  4. Reports for family court proceedings
  5. Trauma or abuse